Megan Joubert ‘16 BFA


They are all experiments-I don't want things to be perfect- I don’t care about blurry or about out of focus or about under/over exposure. I don’t think about color balancing. I have been adequately trained in photography and those things aren’t always at the forefront of my mind while creating. I think about how these pictures have captured a moment that lasted a mere millisecond and how the representation of it can be manipulated to show a world that perhaps give an alternate depiction to what was being photographed. I want to take all of the imperfect pieces and smash them together to make a series of moments that are placed in such a way to fake the truth as best they can.

There are certain rules and guidelines to being a woman. Things like, ladies do not swear, ladies do not spit, ladies do not smoke, ladies speak softly, ladies keep a clean house, body, and mind, and so on. My work is inevitably a response to my own female experience. I am white, lower middle class, and rough around the edges, but I work as hard as I can, and I am very serious about what I do. These works are a demonstration of how women do not need to seek justification or validity from outside sources. We are women- there is no one way to be and no shame in being.
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