Photograph by Matthew Monteith


MassArt’s intensive Post-Baccalaureate Certificate Program in Photography is a full-time, one-year course of study for aspiring photographers seeking an advanced level of discourse, both technical and theoretical, about the medium as contemporary practice. The program provides an individualized curriculum for students who wish to develop their portfolios and their skills to prepare for future graduate school or as an end in itself. It is an opportunity for students of diverse ages and academic backgrounds to explore the medium in a concentrated manner.

In the first semester, students participate in a weekly seminar in which they collaborate with their instructor to critique one another’s work and consider methods of visual story-telling. They also attend a required technical course in which they update and perfect their knowledge of digital image-making. In addition, Photography Post-Baccalaureate students choose from a stimulating selection of electives, including technical courses, art history electives, and topic-based studio courses. In the Spring semester, emphasis is placed on a student’s portfolio and written statements.





Students enroll in 24-27 credits in courses approved by the Program Coordinator. A typical schedule is as follows:

MPPH 509: Post-Bac Major Studio  6
Photography Elective  3
Independent Study  3
History of Photography  3
MPPH 510: Post-Bac Major Studio  6
Photography Elective  3
Independent Study with Photography Faculty  3